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Warm weather means lots of comings and goings, to and from the yard, the deck, and the patio. But when bugs barge in with you, talk about the fly in the ointment! They can land on your food, buzz in your face, bite, sting, and otherwise ruin your day. Fortunately, a magnetic screen door can help you outsmart insects, closing quickly before they can follow behind you. These doors also effectively keep out dust and dirt while still allowing fresh air, sunlight, and breezes to come through.

Unlike conventional hinged screen doors or sliding screen doors, magnetic screen doors generally come as two mesh panels that attach to the frame of the doorway using adhesives, velcro, tacks, or other fasteners. The panels are designed to come together in the middle, similar to a theater curtain, with weighted magnets sewn into the mesh.

After someone passes through, the magnets are drawn to each other to close the door quickly, gently, and silently at the seam. This automatic close function on the best magnetic screen doors makes them ideal for active families with kids and pets. The models below represent some of the best magnetic screen doors on the market in a variety of categories.

What to Consider When Buying a Screen Door 

To shop wisely for the best magnetic screen door, factor in the considerations here.


Precise measurements are required to successfully replace doors and windows, and magnetic screen doors are no exception. Take measurements of the width and the length of the doorway and the existing screen door (if there is one) to accurately determine the correct size of the magnetic screen door to purchase. Some brands come in one size only, but most offer multiple lengths and widths. If your door falls between standard sizes, you may be able to adjust a larger model to fit.

consider carefully before decide to buy insect screen


Fiberglass and polyester are the main materials used to create the mesh on magnetic screen doors, but ABS plastic can be used for enhanced durability on specially-made magnetic screen doors for pets.

  • Fiberglass mesh is preferred by many people because the material allows ample fresh air to circulate in and through the home. Fiberglass mesh is also more durable, making it the better choice in areas with heavy traffic, like a back door or sunroom.
  • Polyester mesh is more affordable, easier to see through, and lets in more natural light than fiberglass. It tends to be less durable, so if going with polyester, opt for good quality polyester with a higher fiber count to increase efficacy.
  • ABS plastic frames encase a polyester or fiberglass mesh door in these pet-sized portals. Just a push on the screen gives pets access to the outside.


Magnetic screen doors can come with multiple types of fasteners to hold the door closed and to keep the door installed in its location. Fastener options, in addition to magnets, include tacks and wind-resistant hasps.

  • Magnets: These fasteners are used primarily for closing the two sides of the magnetic screen door. Heavy magnets are stitched securely into the hem of the screen and their weight forces the door to automatically close.
  • Tacks: Most magnetic screen doors are installed with adhesive on the top and sides of the doorframe. Some manufacturers use reinforcing tacks on the doorframe to increase the strength of the installation. These tacks may have a brass finish or be colored to match the screen.
  • Wind-resistant hasps: If your door will be located in a windy area, wind-resistant hasps are a good idea.  A hasp is a locking mechanism, such as a leather buckle with a button fastener, or a slotted hinged plate and loop made of nylon. The hasp is located on either side of the magnetic screen door and meets in the center when the door is closed to keep the two sides of the magnetic screen door closed during high winds.

Single or Double Door 

Doorways can be a single-door opening or a double-door opening, and before buying a magnetic screen door you need to determine which you have so that you can invest in the correct product to fill the space correctly.

  • Single-door magnetic screens are screen doors that measure between 30 to 40 inches wide. They’re less expensive than double-door products because they’re smaller, but they cannot be used to fill double-door spaces.
  • Double-door magnetic screens are intended to cover double-door openings, such as a french door walkout to the back deck. These magnetic screen doors range in width from 60 to 80 inches, ensuring that both doors and any filler in between are covered by the mesh screen.

Installation and Maintenance

Magnetic screen doors are generally very simple to install by a DIYer if the manufacturer’s directions are followed. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind during installation:

  • Does your door open inwards or outwards? To avoid impeding the swing of the door, install the magnetic screen door opposite to the swing. Inward swinging doors should have screens installed on the outside of the frame. Outward swinging doors should have the screen installed on the inside of the frame.
  • Magnetic screen doors must be affixed to the door frame using a strong adhesive, finishing nails, or push pins. The type of frame—metal, wood, or an alternate material—will limit your choice of installation fasteners.
  • After installing the magnetic screen door, check that the magnets at the end of each screen link to each other. If they don’t, the installation was done incorrectly and the door will not close properly. You’ll need to remove the door and reinstall it correctly so that the magnets align.
magnetic screen doors

A magnetic screen door must be cleaned and maintained properly to extend the life of the screen. Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth or regular duster to remove the dirt and debris from the mesh and wash weekly with a damp cloth and mild soap. You may prefer to purchase a velcro system that attaches to the doorframe and to the magnetic screen door edging using adhesive. The magnetic screen door is attached to the velcro lining as needed, and just as easily removed for washing by hand in a sink. Mesh screens should always be left to air dry; do not put them in a dryer, which could damage them.

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