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Hoa Phat is the most preferred specialist in providing Removable Magnetic Insect Screen in Viet Nam for residential housing, commercial buildings, and factories islandwide for our high-quality product and excellent customer service

Our Mission

Reliable Product
Improve the health and protect all human being against transmission of viruses from insects and pest.
Serve the public with quality service at an affordable price.

Our Commitment

To provide reliable and high-quality Removable Magnetic Insect Screen to stop mosquitos, housefly, cockroaches, lizards, all flying insects and bugs that carry contagious viruses from entering your working place and residential premises.

Review on DIY Insect Screen Vs Our Insect Screen

It is definitely not rocket science in fixing up a insect screen on your own  but every month without fail there are many customers that came to us for help as they tried the DIY insect screen and fail to install it properly and there are some more skilful customers that managed to put it up but after a period of 3 to 6 months problems started to surface. In general, the followings are some of the key challenges and reviews on the DIY insect screens problems encounter and reasons

Why Our Insect Screen

We are committed to delivering the best insect screen credits to our research and development team and our installation team, you can rest assured that we are always available here to serve you by a phone call away and keep one worry off your mind

  • We provide you Reliable Quality Assurance (RQA) and respond to you within 2 working days
  • Experience team that provides excellent workmanship quality to ensure our product provides an ideal fitting on your door and window frame
  • Reliable and reputable brand material source – Strong bonding 3M VHB adhesive TAPE and powerful rare earth magnet
  • Reliable research – Rigid mesh or net structure to withstand sunlight exposure and wind load
  • Customised tailor measure and fabricated in our factory in Vietnam without any distributor.
  • Post sales support and warranty

Reasons for Commercial and Residential Buildings use our Magnetic Insect Screen

It is important that everyone live healthy, stay healthy and be happy all the times. Our insect screens are the perfect choice for resorts, hotels, industrial buildings, factories, dormitories, workers quarters and offices where fresh air ventilation is important.
  • We do not compromise with quality to meet the competitive pricing. We are using high-quality fibreglass insect screen. Our screens are custom-made from fibreglass reinforced mesh to fit all windows and doors. Fibreglass is durable and provides the highest level of visibility and protection compared to other nets made from other materials. The tiny holes of the fibreglass will also act as a filter, filtering out the big dust particles in the air which essentially allow fresher and cleaner air to flow through. The screen is almost invisible under sunlight and will provide daytime privacy without closing your windows and doors. So it is the perfect choice for protection against tiny insects and bugs. It is also well lit by sunlight.
  • In order to ensure our insect screen is 100% sealed and durable, we only use the premium brand 3M VHB Adhesive bonding Transfer Tap for the installation of the screens. It is specially designed for high-performance applications on gasket attachment, LED backplanes, metal fabrication and lighting fixtures.
  • We are able to customize the insect screens according to the size of your windows and doors with the technology of high-quality insect screen and adhesive tape.
  • Do not need to worry about the installation of the insect screen will cause any to the structure of the windows and doors as the insect screen can be installed directly on your windows and doors.
  • Easy maintenance, they can be easily removed for cleaning even your domestic helper can do it.
  • It is a valuable investment to provide a comfortable living environment for your loved ones without needing to worry about mosquitoes and insect bites.
Steady Alumium

How to hire us in 3 simple ways

Protect everyone at home or workplace now. We are not only providing premium products, we also have a dedicated team to provide excellent service to all of our customers. It is so convenient to hire us and arrange a free site demo or quote without any obligation by either

  1. Send us an email or
  2. Contact our friendly staff  by calling our hotline or
  3. Send us an online enquiry
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